5-Feb-2004 (Thu) Wherein we admire our new slip-mats.

Hey, check it out, we got some DNA-branded slip-mats for our turntables! Now we're no longer advertising the sound company we fired, or parties that no longer happen here. How long do you think it'll be until some DJ steals them? I give it a week.

There aren't too many places that will put custom images on slipmats in small quantities (meaning ten or so.) We paid something like $26/pair for these. That's not so bad if you're only buying them once, but if they're gonna get ripped off regularly, that's a lot. Anyone know of a place with better prices?

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  1. brad says:

    Those look too cool not to steal.

    Don't you have video cameras all over? Catch the thievin' bastards!

  2. anti_tim says:

    Dont you also have tshirts for sale? I'm sure you could actually sell those slipmats if you put them back there with the tshirts and let people know that you have them.

    Those slipmats are hot.

    • alcaron says:

      Agreed. Your logo is cool enough to be merchandisable, easily.

    • jwz says:

      Given how few t-shirts we sell, I seriously doubt we'd ever sell a single slip-mat. The market for slip-mats is significantly smaller.


        i have some vague memory of the two of us looking at this entry as if it were porn when we staggered home last night....

  3. solarbird says:

    I don't suppose there's any way in hell you can get them cheaply enough in large enough quantity to make them DJ souvenirs, is there? Print up 500 of them at once, get the price down really far, and basically just let DJs have one if they want 'em? Maybe they'd even reuse them in other peoples' clubs. ^_^

    • ding_0_ says:

      oooh bad idea giving DJs further sence of entitlement.

      • solarbird says:

        <snickers> Like that cat isn't already out of the bag and running around the house pissing on your furniture. But I doubt there's any way to make them cheaply enough for that to work anyway - you'd have to get them down to a couple of dollars each, which you could only do by going to China or Vietnam or something. :-p

        • ding_0_ says:

          Or you could make them genarate revanue by making them out of sanding disks and renting them the logo slip mats or having a reasonable price to let them bring their own. Remember The DJ works for them!

  4. sixty4k says:

    Where did you get those done? $26 a pop is steep but for a limited run of slip mats for a promo might be cool shit.

  5. bitwise says:

    Buy a silkscreen kit, make DNA logo silkscreens, then you just have to figure out what kind of ink will stick to turntable pads.

    Plus, then you have silkscreens that you can use to vandalize people, cars, buildings...

    • jwz says:

      Wow, that sounds really easy, economical, and not at all like a waste of time! I'll get right on that!

      • bitwise says:

        Well, yes, it is. Probably not as much fun as screwing with the linux kernel to get a wheel mouse working, though.

        You could probably pay an art/printmaking student to do the heavy lifting.

      • billemon says:

        Be sure to make screens of some of those cool ready.gov images too ;)

  6. el_olvidado says:

    i should have stole the slipmats last night.

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