15-Jan-2004 (Thu) Wherein photos are presented.

Photos of Incredibly Strange Wrestling are up now. And what a fantastic show it was! It was incredible. It was strange. And it was wrestling. The sheer volume of tortillas is difficult to express; there are still tortillas from last year's show hiding in the club, I'm sure. Fortunately, after about a week, they dry out and get crispy, so the smell fades rather quickly. Note how in the last couple of photos, the club's major crevices are swaddled in plastic...

That's Casey's skull lunchbox that "Oh My Goth" is beating his drunken fratboy step-brother with.

5 Responses:

  1. luserspaz says:

    So what's their deal, are they just trying to out-WWE the WWE?

  2. wfaulk says:

    You've consistently misspelled “sheik”. And, yes, I double-checked their website to make sure it wasn't he who consistently misspelled it first. He inconsistently misspells it.

  3. velvetgarden says:

    Those are great photos!! (please give rzr_grl my compliments!)

    Thanks so much for hosting that event - it was so silly and fun! Good luck with the tortilla clean-up. ^_^

  4. how did her lens end up holding out under that barrage of flour products?