7-Nov-2003 (Fri)

One of the bartenders had a customer who tipped exactly sixty cents every time: two quarters and a dime. Now it's odd enough that people use change here at all (all our prices are multiples of $1) but such... O.C.D.-ish precision! Then I did the math and noted that 60¢ is exactly 15% of $4...

Last week, we moved the lounge DJ coffin to the other side of the room. The new position seems like it's going to work out a lot better. Before, when it was in the south-west corner, there was always a traffic jam there, between the people trying to move through the door, and the people chatting with the dj. We moved it to the north side of the dance floor, blocking the archway. This works out ok, because it turns out that people rarely walked through that archway anyway: people always went around instead of cutting across the dance floor.

Also, the front of the building now has lights! Yes, you can now actually tell that we're open from more than 30' away. Does this suggest to you that someday we might actually have a real sign? Stop that crazy talk! We do have electricity up there now, should someday a sign appear. But given that our current sign is still the "temporary" one we put up in May 2001 (two months before we opened!) I'm not holding my breath. Well, I had been, but I turned blue.

3 Responses:

  1. tfofurn says:

    I imagine this meticulous tipper also ignores the option to round numbers to dollars on tax forms.

  2. binomial says:

    Has the fire marshall approved of this decor change yet? The glowing exit sign above the blocked archway stands out sharply on the photos.

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