7-Oct-2003 (Tue)

In case you were looking for a reason to have an even lower opinion of the kind of person who would own a nightclub:

Exiled Spam King's Go-Go Life:

As the head of Philadelphia-based junk e-mail firm Cyber Promotions, Sanford Wallace was cyberspace's most hated person in the 1990s. "Spamford" Wallace once boasted of sending 25 million junk e-mails per day on behalf of clients ranging from porn sites to spam-software vendors. By some estimates Cyber Promotions was responsible for 80 percent of the spam on the Net.

Today, young nightclub-goers in this woodsy section of southern New Hampshire know Wallace simply as "DJ MasterWeb" -- the head disk jockey and owner of Plum Crazy, a popular night spot that features hip-hop and reggae tunes, along with a cadre of young female dancers in metal cages.

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