14-Jul-2003 (Mon) Wherein I make some lists.

You knew that I'd be too compulsive to just leave it at that, didn't you? You were right. I modified my calendar scripts to generate an alphabetical list of all bands and djs who have performed here, with links back to the corresponding dates. Check it out, and let me know if you have any corrections to make (URLs, spelling, etc.)

This, of course, opens the can of worms of the difference between "band" and "dj", since there are lots of folks who are somewhere inbetween. I wasn't very careful with the categorization here, so there may well be "bands" mixed in the with djs; if you think someone is mis-categorized in these lists, feel free to tell me who (and why...)

Incidentally, are any of you using the iCal feed that I added last month? How's that working out? Does it work? Is it useful?

There are some new pictures from Thump.

6 Responses:

  1. i note that halou is conspicuously not showing up.

  2. auuuughhhh, THANK you for capturing the visual treasures i obviously *missed* when we stopped by!