13-Jul-2003 (Sun) Wherein our two year anniversary is noted.

Happy anniversary to us... as of today, we've been open for two years. We've now been open for a bit longer than we were closed (in escrow and remodeling.) In that time we have had:

  • 382 events;
  • 900+ DJs;
  • 80+ bands.

The DJ/band numbers aren't exact, but I think they're pretty close. (I only counted each DJ/band once, even if they performed here multiple times.)

DNA Lounge has existed for just under 18 years, and there has been a bar on this site for around 26 years!

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  1. loosechanj says:


  2. volkris says:

    I hate to ask such questions, but how go the financials? Haven't seen anything on that side of things in a while...

  3. anonymous says:

    hi i dont have a live journal well i used to but i dont remeber the password n stuff and i want to start over could you please send me the code its all in my old compter and i got a new one yesterday my e mail is imonlytey@aol.com thank you

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