6-Jun-2003 (Fri)

Please don't do this:

Teen prisoner adds to woes by getting arm stuck in toilet.

INDIANA, Pa. -- Should the question arise, the answer is yes, indeed, you can get your arm hopelessly stuck in a prison toilet.

Confirmation comes courtesy of a 19-year-old inmate at the state prison near Indiana, Pa. The way inmate Raymond Davenport told it to corrections officers, he just didn't buy the tale about a fellow inmate getting his arm wedged in a prison cell toilet a couple months ago. [...]

In a low moment for scientific experimentation, Davenport didn't prove anyone wrong. He got his arm wedged deep in the stainless steel toilet.

He called for help. Prison maintenance workers had to unbolt the toilet from the floor. And prison officials called for the Indiana Volunteer Fire Co., four miles away, to bring an air chisel to cut the toilet from Davenport's swollen arm. [...] Davenport, doing time for aggravated assault in the Lehigh Valley, now owes his commonwealth the price of a stainless steel toilet.

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