28-May-2003 (Wed)

Some photos are up of last week's Sunshine Blind show, and of Sunday's Lift event. There were a lot of people here on sunday. We like that. They drank a lot. We like that too. They were very, very bad tippers. We don't like that so much. They broke our previous record for most pukes in one night. We don't really like that so much either, but we do think it's pretty funny.

Blah blah blah webcast blah blah blah. The beatings will continue until the computers improve.

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  1. ntang says:

    Was that last set of photos (http://www.dnalounge.com/gallery/2003/05-25/) from a night in celebration of APA month?

  2. soleiluna says:

    Am gathering a few more local LJ friends and it was nice to discover you.


  3. wfaulk says:

    Were there any non-Asian patrons on the 25th?

    I mean, I know you're in San Francisco and all, but that's still a little more than statistically creepy.

    • cje says:

      There were two non-Asian girls. The one in the cowboy hat and the one who lost her passport.
      In coat check, I also function as lost and found, so she checked with me a few times during the night. Literally 30 seconds after the last time she checked with me, Radio brought up her passport. I grabbed him and said, "she was just here! Go give this to her!" He asked, "what does she look like?" I replied, "it's the white girl." "Copy that." And off he went.
      Interesting to note that this was not, in fact, the most homogeneous crowd we've ever seen. The circuit party boys still have that record.

      • rzr_grl says:

        Ron said everyone knew who the employees were, because they were the white ones.

        Are the circuit parties really more homogeneous? I mean, there are at least different colors in there, if not different clothes or haircuts or body-types.

        I'm probably going to sound like a racist ass, but... I was totally suffering from "all look same." Before I realized that everybody was going to tip like shit, I'd try to remember the particular offenders. "Medium-height. Short black hair. White shirt. FUCK!" It was impossible.

        • cyeh says:

          Your complaint is a common one, so it doesn't even register at all to me.

          Now you white people, you all look the same.

          • rzr_grl says:

            It's true! We do!

            But on most nights, there's more variety. Usually I'm only confused between 2 or 3 "tall white guy with short brown hair in a black t-shirt" ! 'Cuz the other bad tipper was the skinny freak with long frizzy hair, and the really nice girl was short with blonde highlights and hotpants.

  4. cyeh says:

    At the risk of sounding racist, I can tell you that the art of tipping well is generally not taught to Asians. I can't tell you how many times my father and grandmother embarrased me at restaurants for not laying enough down on the table. I tried correcting this a few times by sneaking back and laying down another 5 to 10 dollars on the premise of going to the restroom.

    • flipzagging says:

      It would be racist if you implied that asians were genetically incapable of tipping. Observing differing cultural expectations is totally different.

    • sw00p says:

      it's not racist - it's a (generalised) truism ...

      i married xxxx, who is asian - she's a reformed bad-tipper, now; eg. we got our hair done at the same place at ~the same time, but she was finished first, and so decided to pay/tip for my cut as well. later, in a nearby store, she told me how much she'd tipped, and i guess my expression said what i thought, because right away: "maybe you should go back and give her some more"

      doubling it was good enough. ;-)

      sometimes, though, i find it hard to tip enthusiastically for mediocre service ...

  5. flipzagging says:

    Hey, jwz, as a business owner with an anti-capitalist sort of worldview, what do you think about tips generally? And employing people who need them to make ends meet?

    I'm usually a big tipper, but I always wonder why people can't be paid a better wage in the first place.

    • jwz says:

      I most certainly do not have an anti-Capitalist worldview. An anti-Corporate worldview, sure, but those are not the same thing at all.

      I think that tipping is:

      • Not a very good system;
      • The system that we have.

      But that's true of so many things.

      The way things work in this country is that there are jobs where tipping is the norm; and because of that, the salaries are correspondingly lower, because employees expect that tips will make up the rest. You might prefer to live in a world where both salaries and prices were higher, and there was no tipping, but we don't live in that world. So if you pretend that you live in that world and don't tip, you're just totally screwing the little guy.

      And you may get a sneezer next time.

      See also A Message From Our Bartenders.

      • flipzagging says:

        > I most certainly do not have an anti-Capitalist worldview.
        > An anti-Corporate worldview, sure,

        Fair enough. I'm about the same, but I was using words rather vaguely there.

        Now that I think about it, the tipping system has one feature that higher salaries don't -- a motivation to provide a better experience for the patrons, at little cost to everyone in the system.

        The manager could hire more carefully or supervise more carefully, but that costs money. Tipping turns every customer into a sort of supervisor who can optionally dock a portion of the workers' pay.

        There are a few inefficiencies. Each customer has to make a decision and do mental arithmetic. And the workers run risks of losing money even if it's not their fault. If the sound system is broken and people leave in droves, the bartender makes zilch on tips for that night.

        Maybe the tipping system works out better for everyone in the long run. Disclaimer: I've never had a job where I had to work for tips, so I'm just another geek randomly spouting.

      • sw00p says:

        a lot of places have sneezers who never know what the tip is going to be before they "have to sneeze" ...

        uhm, did i mention the merits of not talking down to the help at asian restaurants? ;-)

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