14-Mar-2003 (Fri) Wherein Shane's records are stolen!

Last night, CODE resident Shane was the victim of every dj's nightmare: some shithead stole more than a hundred of his records as he was packing up his car. He has a page with some details on his site, so if you hear anything that might help him get his stuff back, do let him know...

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  1. atakra says:

    I'm on the lookout!
    I had around 50 CDs stolen from my house during a break-in 2 years ago and I'm STILL trying to recover. Unfortunately (much like Shane) they were in the "listen to this all the time" or the "things that annoy other people" piles of CDs, almost all of them imports that fetch a high price on eBay.

    Every week or so I STILL think, "wow, it would be great to listen to this", go to my collection, and realize that most likely that CD was one of the gems that were stolen.

    Fuck, stealing someone's music (ESPECIALLY A DJ's!) is lower than low.

    • icis_machine says:

      yeah but the question is will you rally people up to get them to help replace all that stuff and use to opportunity to get the guy some and better stuff?

      doubt it.

      • atakra says:

        Uh better stuff?


        But I did alert the synthpunk mailing list about the theft.  Most of the people on the list are pretty avid music people (SF/East Bay scenesters) who will help spread the word that there's a record bandit in the area trying to pawn stolen DJ records.  From what I saw of the list, it'll be pretty easy to
        ID them if someone brings them into a record store.  PLUS almost all the buyers in this city keep the name of the sellers when they bring in records.

      • ioerror says:

        I remember when Fernando did that. It was quite funny. He must have ended up with 10x the cds stolen by the time it was all over.