12-Jan-2003 (Sun)

Someone suggested I rig up a Dippy Bird to just keep hitting the F1 key over and over again, but alas, Dippy Bird dynamics does not allow for that (it has to actually be dipping in to water.)

The Nina Hagen shows both had a good turnout, despite the uncharacteristically low early ticket orders. Also they were great shows, as expected! Nina was her usual not-of-this-earth self. I was really impressed with David J: I'd never seen him do his solo material live before. He was very theatrical, and his set had that sinister cabaret feel that his "V For Vendetta" stuff did. Photos will be up in a few days.

We got new seating yesterday! There are now benches downstairs, along the walls on both sides. I think they make the main room a lot more comfortable. They look just like the benches that we have upstairs in the lounge, except they're black instead of speckled silver/gray (you didn't know the benches upstairs were speckled silver/gray, did you? Yeah, it's all black in the dark.) I was going to put up some pictures of them, but, being black, nothing shows up, so you'll have to use your imagination.

We also have some tables and ottomans to go along with them: the "new" tables are really just some of our old downstairs tables that have had the leg cut down so that they're the right height. The new ottomans are square instead of round like the ones upstairs. I liked the round ones better, but, the square ones were a lot cheaper, and I'm sure nobody but me will ever notice.

I must share with you a song that Devon, one of our floor guys, wrote about his experiences working here last weekend. To the tune of "Put the Lime in the Coconut":

    Yuppie bought some tequila, he bought it for a five
    His buddy gave another, and the party come alive.
    You put the poo in the toilet bowl, and not on the seat.
    You put the poo in the toilet bowl, and not on the seat.
    You put the poo in the toilet bowl
    Called the floor-guy, what a treat, and look,
    "Asshole, your folks toilet use not teach?
    I say, asshole, so I wipe it down with bleach.
    I say, asshole, your folks toilet use not teach?
    I say, asshole, so I wipe it down with bleach."

That is all.

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  1. baconmonkey says:

    wow, I'm now, like, a published songwriter or something.

  2. ronbar says:

    You could get some cheap low-end refurbished Dell rack-mount servers. They all come with three years on-site warranty, last I checked, and they support Linux. They only officially support redhat, but in actuality they support just about any flavor you prefer. Dell's tech support is excellent and responsive and I've gotten them to send me replacement parts next-day-by-8:30am at no cost to me for machines I barely paid anything for.

    It really is nice to be able to call someone and say "duuuuh, it don't work," especially with Intel hardware problems. They'll do things like overnight you a new motherboard for free, even if you fried it yourself.

    Upgrading CPUs on Intel machines is a nightmare, and upgrading them on SMP machines is a nightmare squared. I've been there more than once, unfortunately.

    p.s.- As for losing sysadmin cred, try accidentally typing 'killall' on a Solaris machine with no arguments. In older Sun OSes, it kills every process instantly, with no prompting.

    • nrr says:

      I remember hearing that AIX did that with killall when no arguments were supplied. Or, well, even if arguments were supplied. I could be dreaming, though.

      Intel machines just suck. Go get one of those kickass API CS20 Alpha boxes already. Dual 833MHz Alpha processors are damn speedy, man.

      • curgoth says:

        Last I checked, AIX does in fact kill every process it can get its hadns on if you send it killall.

        • confuseme says:


          $ man killall

          Commands Reference, Volume 3

          killall Command


          Cancels all processes except the calling process.


          killall [ - ] [ -Signal ]


          The killall command cancels all processes that you started, except those
          producing the killall process. This command provides a convenient means of
          canceling all processes created by the shell that you control. When started by a
          root user, the killall command cancels all cancellable processes except those
          processes that started it. If several Signals are specified, only the last one
          is effective.

          If no signal is specified, the killall command sends a SIGKILL signal.
      • ronbar says:

        You only buy non-Intel server hardware and a support contract if you have a whole hell of a lot more money than time or skill.

        • nrr says:


          If you have a dumbterm (or something capable of reading and sending things via serial) and enough time to screw around with a Debian or NetBSD install, you can easily get something like a dual 833MHz Alpha box or a Sun Fire V100 up and running without any major problems.

          And, as far as I'm concerned, service/support contracts are a waste of time and money. Take the goods and related documentation and leave before they even have the opportunity to bind you to one of those infernal things.

    • joe714 says:

      From firsthand experience, I know that Digital Unix/OSF/Tru-64 5.0 does the same thing with killall with or without arguments.

    • What else do you expect from a program called killall? I suppose you want something like the namby-pamby Gnu killall? "Oh, I typed killall, but I didn't really mean it!"

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