16-Aug-2002 (Fri)

Photos from the Body Manipulations show are up now!

Here's an icky piece of trivia I heard: apparently, after the suspension act was finished (the one where the guy hung by meat-hooks in his back) his assistants spent a while squeezing his wounds, to get all the air out from under the skin. Because apparently if you don't do that, the air bubbles will settle in your neck and give you a nasty headache for several days. So keep that in mind the next time someone hangs you from a hook.

I moved the machine that runs the audio webcasts into colocation with a new ISP (United Layer) who offered me a better price on bandwidth. This means that for the same cost, we should now be able to support a lot more simultaneous listeners. So, please let me know if you experience any problems!

The Nina Hagen show this Sunday sold out today! We've had a bunch of out-of-state ticket sales for that one, too. Apparently she's only doing six U.S. dates.

One Response:

  1. atakra says:

    Oh man, Soooo many people at the no wave show located at the werepad last night were planning on getting tickets today for the Nina Hagen show. OOps... TOO LATE!
    I (of course) will be there, hopefully with my camera in hand, although nobody has told me if that is allowed?!?!