6-Jul-2002 (Sat)

We've been having more and more hardware trouble with the kiosks lately. Every now and then when you reboot them, they won't boot up and you have to to reset the BIOS to defaults, then re-enter the necessary settings. Sometimes you have to do this five times in a row before it works. We've also got one that keeps freezing up so hard that even the reset button doesn't work: it needs to be power-cycled to bring it back to life. And half of them have weird wobbliness in their video output (it's the machines, not the monitors, we checked.) Maybe we're hitting that magical mean-time-between-failure period where they're all going to die now. Jonathan has drilled into the cases and attached extra fans to most of them, just in case heat is the cause of their ongoing flakiness. They're getting more Frankenstein by the day.

We've added another live show to the calendar, on September 5th: Chris Connelly and Meg Lee Chin. They were here in December as part of Pigface, which was one of the best shows I've ever seen, so I'm expecting that to be a great night too! I haven't heard Chris's new album yet, but I've been listening to Meg's album "Piece and Love" a lot, it's great stuff. Highly recommended.

Our calendar is being re-shuffled quite a bit next month: we've got a couple of new monthly parties coming in, and a few of our existing parties are changing nights. Check out the calendar for details as they become solidified. The part that interests me is that Thump is moving to from Barneveld to DNA Lounge, replacing T.R.I.P., the trance event the Thump crew had been putting on at DNA already. Thump and T.R.I.P. were basically the same event, except that they tended to book the bigger artists at Thump, so I think it's going to make for a stronger night by combining the two.

This weekend is Club Townsend's last; since the building that houses both Townsend and the King Street Garage is across the street from the new ballpark, the owners were made an offer they could not refuse, and sold it. I heard it was going to become lofts, but that was a while ago, perhaps those plans have changed. But regardless, its time as a nightclub space has ended: that's two more down. And that place was gigantic.

So tonight Barry and Alexis and a few other folks headed down to Townsend to witness the madness of the closing weekend, and I tagged along briefly. Very briefly. So briefly that I bailed and walked home before we'd even made it into the building. The crowd was just a complete horror: it was like an intersection of the Marina and MTV spring break: "we've got both kinds, yuppies and meatheads!" I lost count of how many gelled-up crew-cuts on guys with fake tans and wifebeater t-shirts I saw. So I figured I'd seen enough: I could be inside standing uncomfortably close to these same people, and listening to awful music, or I could just cut my losses immediately.

Ordinary fuckin' people. I hate 'em.

How did someone as misanthropic as me end up in this business anyway? What the hell am I doing here?

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