We've been having more and more hardware trouble with the kiosks lately. Every now and then when you reboot them, they won't boot up and you have to to reset the BIOS to defaults, then re-enter the necessary settings. Sometimes you have to do this five times in a row before it works. We've also got one that keeps freezing up so hard that even the reset button doesn't work: it needs to be power-cycled to bring it back to life. And half of them have weird wobbliness in their video output (it's the machines, not the monitors, we checked.) Maybe we're hitting that magical mean-time-between-failure period where they're all going to die now. Jonathan has drilled into the cases and attached extra fans to most of them, just in case heat is the cause of their ongoing flakiness. They're getting more Frankenstein by the day.

We've added another live show to the calendar, on September 5th: Chris Connelly and Meg Lee Chin. They were here in December as part of Pigface, which was one of the best shows I've ever seen, so I'm expecting that to be a great night too! I haven't heard Chris's new album yet, but I've been listening to Meg's album "Piece and Love" a lot, it's great stuff. Highly recommended.

Our calendar is being re-shuffled quite a bit next month: we've got a couple of new monthly parties coming in, and a few of our existing parties are changing nights. Check out the calendar for details as they become solidified. The part that interests me is that Thump is moving to from Barneveld to DNA Lounge, replacing T.R.I.P., the trance event the Thump crew had been putting on at DNA already. Thump and T.R.I.P. were basically the same event, except that they tended to book the bigger artists at Thump, so I think it's going to make for a stronger night by combining the two.

This weekend is Club Townsend's last; since the building that houses both Townsend and the King Street Garage is across the street from the new ballpark, the owners were made an offer they could not refuse, and sold it. I heard it was going to become lofts, but that was a while ago, perhaps those plans have changed. But regardless, its time as a nightclub space has ended: that's two more down. And that place was gigantic.

So tonight Barry and Alexis and a few other folks headed down to Townsend to witness the madness of the closing weekend, and I tagged along briefly. Very briefly. So briefly that I bailed and walked home before we'd even made it into the building. The crowd was just a complete horror: it was like an intersection of the Marina and MTV spring break: "we've got both kinds, yuppies and meatheads!" I lost count of how many gelled-up crew-cuts on guys with fake tans and wifebeater t-shirts I saw. So I figured I'd seen enough: I could be inside standing uncomfortably close to these same people, and listening to awful music, or I could just cut my losses immediately.

Ordinary fuckin' people. I hate 'em.

How did someone as misanthropic as me end up in this business anyway? What the hell am I doing here?

Oh look, it's July 10. Happy birthday to us.

So today we got an overnight letter to "Adam Ohana c/o DNA Lounge" that contained the latest T.R.I.P. flyer, along with a scribbled note on the envelope detailing where and when they found it. Apparently someone thought it was an actual airplane ticket!

Apparently Barry bought us a bunch of stantions from Townsend (those big steel crowd-control fence/barricades thingies.) We can certainly make use of those on the busier nights, but I can't figure out where in the world we're supposed to put them when we don't need them: they're huge! And we've been completely out of storage space for a long time.

Our friend Georgia just bought Za Spot, the pizza place next door! So now in addition to working at DNA, running her own record store, catering business, and production company, she's going to have a restaurant too! I don't know what she's going to call it. It's not going to be pizza, but it will be open in the evenings.

Here's Georgia just after she picked up the keys yesterday. Those are they, which she is holding as if they were an expired rodent.

Also, we finally got a new video projector, a Proxima DP6850. It's pretty sweet: it's 1500 lumens, about twice as bright as the old one.

At T.R.I.P. this friday, they brought in an "oxygen bar." This is a set-up where they sell you a pair of plastic straws to stick up your nose, and then blow slightly-oxygen-enhanced bottled air at you for a couple of minutes. After trying it, Sarah said, "you could get the same effect by sniffing the box that a Barbie Doll came in." But to "enhance" the "effect," they also had bubbling colored tubes and blinking LEDs for you to look at!

I'm telling you, selling oxygen is the stupidest thing I've heard of since bottled water. But hey, we got a cut, so who am I to say that fools should not be separated from their money...

There sure were a lot of smelly people at that party. Our coat-check staff would like to remind you that they have to spend the whole night in a very small box with your crap, so it would be considerate to check in your never-washed wool sweater before you have soaked it to the point of dripping with your secretions. Bathe, people. BATHE! No, patchoulli is not an adequate substitute for soap.

And how insane do you have to be to take your shoes off in a nightclub? I feel tainted just thinking about it.

And for those of you who do keep your shoes on: be advised that handing people money or coat-check tickets that are soaking wet because they have just spent six hours marinating in your sock is also considered bad form...

As long as I'm asking questions that will never be answered to anyone's satisfaction: why -- WHY -- does someone keep stealing the pump-tops to the soap dispensers in the upstairs bathrooms? Of what possible use could those to be to anyone? They're built into the sink -- they don't work anywhere else. But of course, they're expensive and ordering replacements takes time. Unfortunately, with the kind we have, it's not possible to lock them in place without also making them no longer dispense soap.

Saturday night we had our longest single event so far: OM opened at 9pm and didn't close until 9am, and it was really busy pretty much the whole time; we had to stop letting people in for a while because it was so crowded. (In my announcement email, I mentioned that "Farina goes on at 5am," and my mom thought that I meant we would be serving the breakfast cereal of the same name...)

Someone pointed out that we should have gotten FIRST CALL templates to go in the LAST CALL lights, to announce the re-opening of the bar at 6am. But Barry said that, as it happens, that's something that announces itself. Starting at around 5, people would start asking the bartenders if they were serving again yet. Up until around 5:40, when the answer was "no," they'd get a water and leave, but as it got closer, they decided they'd just stand at the bar and wait. So by 6am, there was this wall of people converging on the bar, trying to all order at once. Ka-ching!

The first hundred people that night got in free, which led to our stupidest customer quote of the evening: "it's pretty unscrupulous of you to let people in for free, and then charge $6 for drinks!"

The last hour or so of the sunday morning webcast archive got lost; there was a bug in my scripts that trim the silence off the beginning and end of the archives. The script runs at 7am, because we're usually closed by then. It was supposed to notice the case where we weren't actually closed yet, but... it didn't. So everything from about 7:30 onward got clipped. Oops, hopefully it'll work next time.