28-Jun-2002 (Fri)

We were sitting in the office the other day at like 4pm, and noticed on the security camera some guy walk up to our door and start peeing. So of course Casey bolts for the door (she's fast when she wants to be!) and gets there just after the guy finished, and his friend started peeing in the same spot. So she slams the door open, and we get to watch her soundless, arm-waving, head-shaking rant on the monitor.

She says she started off with something like, "not only is that disgusting, but it's illegal! Who said our door was your urinal, do you think we want to smell that?" Genius 1 retorts, "well call the cops then!" Genius 2 says, "well, do you have a bathroom in there?" "Not for YOU!" Casey was unable to determine whether his balls were, in fact, made of steel.

I swear, one of these days I'm gonna hook up a remote-controled super-soaker so we can just drench pigs like these from the comfort of the office.

Sadly, the webcam did not archive the action this time.

Our one year anniversary is coming up! It definitely doesn't seem like it's been that long since we opened (though it feels like a lifetime since we started remodeling.)

We were going to have a semi-private party celebrating it -- the plan was that we'd get our promoters' main djs to play for free, get the distributors to kick in some booze, and we'd invite all of the promoters, djs, and staff's friends to come hang out and drink for free. But that all fell apart, because half the people Alexis talked to about it were holding out their hands. A bunch of the djs would only do it if they got paid; most of the distributors weren't willing to pitch in anything; the printer wouldn't give us a break on the invitations; and basically nobody was able to see it as "we're throwing a party for you" and were instead looking for their profit angle from it. Whatever. It shouldn't be this hard to do something nice for people, so we bailed on that idea.

I guess that makes the Melon party on July 13 our anniversary party by default.

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  1. octal says:

    It's a shame you can't just electrify the door from inside, in the manner of an electric fence...