10-May-2002 (Fri)

This spam made me laugh:

Subject: Digital Rights Management
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 13:35:33 -0400
From: info@_______.com
To: <booking@dnalounge.com>

Dear Booking,

We acquired your name from The Musician's Atlas 2002 published by Music Resource Group. And as a leader in the musical industry we thought you would be interested in acquiring more information about the world of DRM (Digital Rights Management) the new technology for securely downloading copyrighted materials over the internet. [...]

For those of you not following along at home, "Digital Rights Management" is the latest doublethink buzzword for "making it impossible for you to copy your legally-purchased CDs to your computer" and "making it impossible for you to download music off the net." Yeah, sign me up!

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