17-Apr-2002 (Wed)

There are some photos of the Bad Manners show up. That was a really fun show! I thoroughly enjoyed it, they put on an awesome performance. And I must admit, I've always been pretty ambivalent about Ska. That's the sign of a great band, when you can have a great time watching their show without really knowing their material or genre.

Have you noticed the disproportionate number of bands we've had here so far that are fronted by bald men? It's kind of strange: by my count, 40% of the bands who have been on our stage have had bald singers. And we haven't even done any punk shows!

I made a new flyer for next month's CODE events, too. I mention this since a few people have asked, and seemed to find the answer funny: yes, I make them using Linux. Mostly they have been photos of my mannequin collection wearing funny headgear and then edge-detected and otherwise messed with using The GIMP. Gimp is roughly equivalent in functionality to Photoshop 3, so it's plenty good enough for my purposes. The biggest problem is that its text handling kind of sucks. The GDynText plugin is just barely usable, though it tends to make me scream for its author's blood at least three times during the composition of each flyer.

Still, the biggest chunk of my website-maintenance time is keeping the flyer and the photo gallery pages up to date. Updating the calendar text is all pretty well automated, but I always end up having to scale flyer images, or add borders, or re-compress them so that they aren't 500k each, or something. And going through all the photos for the galleries, deciding which ones to keep, and adjusting the levels takes forever... Especially when the photos were taken on film instead of digitally: scanning photos sucks.

Oh, and we're also giving away free earplugs at coat-check now. Most clubs charge a couple of bucks for them, but we're generous, so don't abuse it, ok? Here's the part where someone from the peanut gallery sends me mail saying "well why don't you just turn the volume down instead?" Believe me, we try, but the problem is that all the promoters and DJs we work with are either A: already deaf or B: insane. I don't understand it, apparently there's some kind of prestige thing with making the customers bleed from the ears. I'm sure they all believe that the customers want it even louder. So, you know, if you think it's too loud, don't tell us -- we're with you! Tell the event promoters. Maybe they'll believe you.

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  1. baconmonkey says:

    what about needle sharing?

    while he wasn't the singer, he was the front-man.

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