4-Apr-2002 (Thu)

I've been playing around with Mozilla some more (making another attempt at not getting left behind by the glacial march of so-called progress) and I learned how to make a tab for that sidebar dingus they've strapped onto the left side of the window. So now you can have a sidebar tab that shows the upcoming DNA Lounge calendar, check it out. I don't actually use sidebars myself, so I don't know if this is even remotely useful, but it is kinda neat.

Mozilla 0.9.9 seems fairly stable in comparison to Netscape 4.78. I'd install it on the kiosks and see how that worked out, except that we've learned first-hand that people get really confused if all three of the buttons on the kiosk trackballs don't all do the same thing. And in Mozilla, there is no way to rebind the mouse buttons. I entered a bug report about this, so maybe they'll fix it someday. Until then, the kiosks still need to stay with Netscape 4.x.

Our infoline is now being read by our pet robot, check it out: 415-626-1409. I think it sounds mostly decent, though it could be better. If any of you have experience with Festival and have any tips on how to make it be more intelligible, let me know...

I also made a favicon.ico for the DNA site, which you should be able to see in the URL field in Mozilla, or in MSIE if you add a bookmark. It's hard making anything recognizable at 16x16!

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