30-Mar-2002 (Sat)

We got a couple of new CD players, Pioneer CDJ-100s. This came about because someone was interested in buying one of our Denon 2100s, so it didn't end up costing us much to trade up. I'm not sure the Denons have ever been used by a DJ who mixes; most DJs who beatmatch use vinyl, and the few who do use CDs tend to bring their own CDJs with them, and DJs who don't beatmatch probably would have been satisfied with a pair of Discmans. So clearly we bought the wrong thing the first time out; nobody who cares likes the Denons.

We ended up putting the new decks in the lounge instead of the main room. It would probably make more sense for them to go in the main room, but the layout of the lounge coffin lends itself to them, and getting them well-situated in the main room's coffin would basically require us to rebuild the coffin, and we've got better things to spend the money on at the moment, unfortunately. I'd definitely want them to be firmly mounted, because I've seen the sticky, banged-up mess that becomes of any gear we leave up there that isn't bolted down, like our VCR and DVD player. (I even had to attach a cable to the DVD player's remote control so it would stop walking off, just like in a cheap hotel room!)

I don't know how many of you ever call our info line (415-626-1409) but Barry has been updating that about once a week. It takes him a long time, because he usually only gets part of the way through it without screwing up and having to start over, and by the fourth or fifth try, there's usually someone in the office making fun of him, which doesn't make it any easier. So, I played around with the Festival speech-synthesis package (which works pretty well) and I hacked up another Perl script to translate our calendar pages to English sentences. So from now on, our info line will be read by a slightly-deadpan British robot.

The mechavoice isn't up yet, though, because Barry's really proud of how well he read the most recent announcement and doesn't want to delete it yet!

I'm told DNA got a nice mention in the April issue of Maxim, though it doesn't seem to be online. We also got a brief mention in NewsWeek, and I was quoted in a recent Chronicle article on the state of the SF club scene (with a couple of pictures of the club!)

Also, Salon has a good (DNA-less) interview with Rusty from SomaFM about the impending doom bearing down on all us webcasters.

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