17-Mar-2002 (Sun)

Hey, I just noticed that I've been doing this little weblog for two years now as of March 3, which is the day we closed escrow! Wow. The web site had been up since January, which was when we finally got control of the domain, but mainly contained a call to arms about our permit battles at that point.

This month has been going really well! We might actually be able to pay everyone's salary this month. It looks like yesterday's Wicked party was our biggest night to date: lots of people showed up to see Doc Martin spin, and we didn't shut down until almost 7AM. The cool thing is (if I understand the history correctly) he actually got his start DJing at the DNA Lounge back in 1986.

I put some more pictures in the gallery. If you ever take pictures of DNA Lounge events and wouldn't mind sharing them, please let me know: I'm always looking for more stuff for our gallery...

Oh, also you can now buy DNA Lounge t-shirts and tank-tops by credit card online, in addition to in person at coat-check. You know you want one.

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