10-Mar-2002 (Sun)

Every now and then I get mail from somebody who read this log who says, "wow, that's really something. You should write a book." This confuses me. Because I did, didn't I? What do they think this is? Maybe it would help if I put in chapter headings, instead of just sorting it chronologically:

    Chapter One: I Am Born.
    Chapter Two: I Am Nailed to the Hull.
    Chapter Three: I Am Eaten by Sharks.

I updated my Webcasting Legally document to correspond to the new varieties of impending doom that are looming over the head of every webcaster as of last month.

I had to crank down the allowed number of simultaneous connections to the webcast archives, because apparently the Disco Biscuits show last wednesday was insanely popular with the listen-at-home crowd; they pushed us over our bandwidth limit for long enough that our ISP put a rate limiter on us, which was killing performance across the board. I don't really know how to deal with usage spikes like that; short-lived spikes are ok (e.g., 20 listeners for half a day is fine if there are only 5 during the other half) but when the spike lasts too long, we've got trouble.

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