2-Feb-2002 (Sat)

Oh, I forgot to mention the big webcast news last week: our friend Devon (dj, bacon connoisseur, scholar and gentleman) loaned us a compressor that now sits just in front of the webcast machine: so now the volume on the webcast should be consistent throughout the evening, and it shouldn't clip no matter what kind of abuse the DJs in the main room heap upon our gear. If they're seriously overdriving things, the sound may get a little warbly as the compression kicks in and releases, but it will still be listenable instead of crumbling into static like it did before.

Dusty also made some changes to the way the DJ and live sound systems interface with the webcast and SoundWeb, so we are no longer able to accidentally get into a situation where what's on the webcast is something other than what's happening in the main room. That used to happen occasionally if someone wasn't paying attention: the webcast would continue broadcasting from the live board (now silent) while the room was hearing the DJ. That can't happen any more, meaning there's one less thing for us to worry about throughout the evening. Automation good.

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