29-Dec-2001 (Sat)

Computer disasters continue unabated. That "Phase Inverse" nonsense on the DiO card is just not going away, and several times now the webcast has turned into pulsing static right in the middle of an event. So today we finally gave up and replaced the one remaining digital sound card with an analog one. This is sad, because we were using a digital card specifically so that the A/D conversion was happening in an external device, not inside a computer case snuggled up against the humming power supply. But, hey, that trick doesn't seem to actually work.

Also it appears that the SCSI controller on the webcast machine is flaky. This is the machine that had been in colo that was being finicky there. Well it's still being finicky, and there are a different set of disks attached to it, so it must be the controller. Which is built-in, so it needs a whole new motherboard if we want it to stop trashing its disks. "Yay."

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