5-Dec-2001 (Wed)

Well, I figured out what was wrong with the webcast, sorta: SoundWeb had decided to stop switching the relay that toggles between the DJ coffin and the live board. So I was able to get it back online by jamming a wire into it and shorting the switch. Dusty came by a few days later and fixed SoundWeb to switch properly, though I think he didn't quite understand what had made it go wrong in the first place.

Everything was fine for a few days, but then on thursday, I needed to reboot the webcast machine, and when it came back up, it was only hearing static! I spent like three hours fighting with it, and finally gave up and went out into main room to enjoy the party. (Though we didn't get a recording of the night, at least we have some photos...) Frederick figured out what was going on the next day: apparently there's this arcane setting on the DiO sound card we're using called "Phase Inverse", and when the machine boots up, sometimes it needs to be set one way, and sometimes the other: if you get it wrong, you get static. Beautiful.

In better news, I got a second webcast machine! Yes, the Dot Bomb has been good to me again; a friend's company built this huge data center that they never used, so I was able to pick up a new VA FullOn 2200 for super cheap. So now we're doing the RealVideo encoding on one machine, and the MP3 encoding on another, and neither of them has to run ASD (a moderately flaky and slow piece of software that lets two programs share one audio card.) So we should no longer have the problem with the RealVideo image getting stuck on one frame, and the audio and video in the Real stream should be synchronized again.

Last friday was Spanksgiving, and it was great fun! We had a really good turnout, and lots of fabulous outfits. There was fire, there was latex, there were people humping belt sanders. And it was good. The first batch of pictures has rolled in, check them out!

So get this bit of prima-donna-ism. Last friday at the Growling Mad Scientists show -- which was a good show, don't get me wrong -- there was this "issue" with the live sound board. See, the band refused to use either of the 32 channel mixing boards we have: apparently neither of them were good enough. So the promoters rented their own live board for the show. Now, that's not totally unreasonable, right? Well, unless you actually watched what they did with it.

They used three channels. That's it.

The guys on stage played keyboards, DATs, and had their own DJ mixer; they passed off three already-mixed channels to the live sound guy, who did nothing more than tweak the volume and EQ settings occasionally. If you weren't paying attention, you might think he was doing effects or something, but he wasn't: that was done by the guys on stage. They were using this powerful (and enormously heavy!) 32 channel board to do what any $150 DJ mixer in the world can do.

Well, whatever. The promoters paid for this nonsense, not us, so if it makes them happy, great.

We now have a winner for the most repulsive flyer I've seen for one of our events to date: I thought the first Stompy flyer was the ultimate experience in horror, but the Naughty Christmas flyer definitely takes the cake: a cartoon Santa grabbing a stripper's ass.

Apparently the DNA Lounge has relocated to Las Vegas. Shoot me now.

These guys kept asking Alexis if I was going to come to their event, because after reading the bitching I'd done about house music, they felt like I just needed to see their event to understand what it was all about, because they do it right. He finally got them to give up when he said, "you don't understand. Jamie doesn't like the house parties we do here because he thinks they're too mainstream.." They said, "...Oh." Apparently they don't like the other house parties we do here, but because they think they're just too alternative and weird...

We had another first: tomorrow's VNV Nation show sold out yesterday! It's going to be a busy weekend, with VNV on Thursday, then Hallucinogen on Friday, then Pigface on Saturday, and I'm happy to say that I fully expect to enjoy them all! Things have definitely been improving here lately: we're having a lot more events that I enjoy, so the Sucks-o-Meter has been dropping out of the red zone. If only we weren't still broke...

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