23-Oct-2001 (Tue)

Last sunday we had a live show, and it was great! I took pictures. Though I guess it wasn't technically the first time we'd had a band on stage since we opened to the public, it was the first time guitars were involved, so it felt like the first "real" show. We had Swarm, Storm Inc., and Deadweight, all being filmed for Locals Only, a live-performance TV show. I'm not sure when the episode will air, but when I know, you'll know...

It was incredible, and everyone had a lot of fun, and even though we had almost 300 people show up, we still lost money. Locals Only and Miller took care of paying the bands; and they also paid us rent, to make up for the fact that it was a free show, so there was no money from the door. But when you factor in all the other expenses -- security, utilities, needing to have two audio engineers there during the day for sound check as well as during the show, etc. -- we still ended up losing a few hundred bucks.

It's a sad fact that it's really hard to make money doing live shows. There are just so many more expenses on top of what it takes to put on a dj/dance club event. And it's very hard to cut corners on it! We can't skimp on staff or security, so the only option is to cut sound checks shorter, or only have one sound guy; and these are things that don't save a huge amount of money, but that do run the risk of screwing up the whole event by making the sound suck.

I really want to do a lot of live music here. As I've said, it's one of the primary reasons I got into this business. But it's going to be really difficult. The reality is that most of our live shows are going to end up being charity affairs, where we go into it knowing that we're going to lose money on that night. We have to fund these with the money we make on weekend dance nights, to hopefully end up with positive cash-flow overall, even though our live events are going to be a drain.

We just recently scheduled a show I'm really looking forward to: Pigface, Gravity Kills, and Godhead on Saturday, Dec 8! I've seen Pigface a number of times, and I expect this show to be excellent.

But of course, we're also going to hemorrhage money on it. Even if we get a sizable turnout, we'll be lucky to break even on it, and if you factor in the fact that we could otherwise be having a dance club that night, where we would have made money, it hurts even more.

But we gotta do this show. That's why we're here.

Our bit on AudioFile aired last week; it was brief. Thankfully, through the magic of editing, all my "ums" and "uhs" disappeared. The TechTV folks were here again last week. They're doing a show on dance music and MIDI, and they came to DNA to film some of the transitional segments: you know, the part that goes, "Thanks for that report! We're here at the DNA Lounge. Up next:" I really enjoy watching TV people work; I always find it fascinating to see behind the curtains like that (and I guess you must as well, or you wouldn't be reading all this crap I write!)

Barry and I met with the new police captain today, Capt. Parra. They wanted to talk to us about things in general, and about the incidents on Folsom Street Fair weekend specifically. The meeting went as well as could be expected. They were friendly about it, acknowledged that we haven't really had any problems here other than that one time, and just wanted to know what went wrong. They are familiar with the promoters of that party, and said that they have a good reputation, so they didn't have any complaints on that front either.

Apparently word of my rant last week about disco has finally reached the house music community, so various people have been wasting Alexis's time on the phone about it. Like I said, I knew that publishing that was gonna make his job harder, but it had to be done. I guess most people who own clubs don't give a shit about music one way or another. Me, I'm just chock full of opinions. And now Alexis has to spend his day apologizing for them. Alas.

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