11-Oct-2001 (Thu)

I added a Merchandise page, and put up pictures and international shipping rates for our t-shirts there. Have at it! Still no online ordering yet, because I haven't gotten around to figuring out what the least painful way to accomplish that is.

In other geek news, you can now have a summary of the DNA Lounge calendar appear on your Slashdot top-level page: here's a preview of what the DNA Slashbox looks like. This is done through the fully buzzword compliant wonders of RSS, RDF, and XML: basically, there's this simple textual format for providing summaries/headlines that a lot of sites know how to parse and display, so if those sites are instructed to point at the RSS summary of the DNA Calendar, then they can include DNA info on the pages they serve you. (I seem to recall that this sort of thing was supposed to revolutionize the web by the end of 1998 or so.)

If you've figured out how to coax your favorite site into displaying the DNA calendar, let me know! Thanks a lot to CowboyNeal for explaining to me how this works, and for adding it to Slashdot.

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