4-Jul-2001 (Wed)

This week has been a blur of last-minute details: fully stocking the bars (that first order is really expensive!); throwing away enough crap to make room in the backstage area for the bartenders to sit and count their money at the end of the night; tweaking the lights; making flyers and newspaper ads; finishing the last of the painting; planning out and (soon) stringing up video cable for the cameras and TVs; getting our very first shipment of keg beer and praying the glycol system works the first time... and so on.

The usual suspects and I have also been trying to figure out why the RealVideo stream sucks so bad lately. We've now ruled out the possibility that this has anything to do with my firewall; it appears that someone upstream of us is rate-limiting UDP traffic or something, which they ought not be doing. Either that, or RealProducer is just totally losing its mind (an option not to be discounted prematurely.)

Meanwhile, our promoters have been... promoting! Which means, among other things, making flyers. I've put the ones we have so far up on the site. Check them out in the Flyer Archive. These are also linked to from the appropriate spot on the Calendar pages.

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