30-Jun-2001 (Sat)

We've finally announced our initial schedule of events! Go check it out on the Calendar pages. To the right is our very first newspaper ad, which will run next week.

We actually have a bit more scheduled than that, but there are still some details of various line-ups to be ironed out, so we're waiting on that to publish them.

It's kind of amazing to me how few of these djs have web pages (that I could find, anyway.) I mean, in these self-promotional days when every ten-year-old from Iceland to Australia has their own web page, most of these people are completely absent from the web, except in fleeting references in descriptions of events-gone-by. Madness!

And on top of that -- I think I'm going to have to institute a policy to not even link to people whose sites don't work at all without Flash, or that contain the words "best viewed with Internet Explorer 5," just out of general principle.

Here's me pissing off my business partners before I've even met most of them. Don't mind me, pulling my hair out because of the squandered potential of the web is a hobby of mine.

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