25-May-2001 (Fri)

This is the sound of my head exploding.

Barry: Guess what? We're not done.
jwz: What?
Barry: We haven't passed Building Final until we've gotten our Special Inspections!
jwz: What are Special Inspections?
Barry: That's what I said!

Well, somehow nobody managed to mention the need for these inspections to us until after we thought we were done. They include:

    [x] Concrete
    [x] Bolts Installed in Concrete
    [x] Reinforcing Steel & Prestressing Tendons
    [x] Welding
    [x] Structural Masonry
    [x] Holddowns
    [x] Anchors Installed in Existing Concrete or Masonry

So our structural engineer came back out and signed off on the things he could: yes, they did this correctly; that too; that too; they didn't do that at all; nor that. This was all stuff that he had inspected before, as we did it, but it isn't officially inspected until his signature is on the card. But the concrete stuff is not his domain, so now we need to get someone else out here to sign off on that, and if we can't get that person out here before wednesday (which means tuesday, since monday is a holiday) it costs us another full week with the cops.

And then to cap off a fun day, Barry and I spent hours going through the final set of invoices, trying to weed out the remaining lies. For example: our plumber tried to bill us for 8 hours labor for replacing six faucets. Barry and I timed it, and we, non-plumbers with inappropriate tools, were able to remove and re-install one of those faucets in about three minutes.

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