24-May-2001 (Thu)

In addition to the usual puddles of urine we tend to find in our doorways in the morning, a few days ago we found a new gift sitting there: a human turd. (I will spare you the photographic evidence. You're welcome.) We're pretty sure it's human, because it's up on a curb next to the door, and dogs tend not to squat in corners like that. Well, we haven't had to step over anyone sleeping in the doorway since the turd showed up, so I guess it's a turd with a silver lining.

We have passed our final fire and building inspections, and have gotten the full battery of signatures on our job card. This means that... wait for it...


But don't go cracking open the champagne yet: there's still the small matter of the police permits. As far as I understand it, what needs to happen at this point is this:

  • The police type up a form;
  • I sign that form and give it back to them;
  • They give that piece of paper to the Tax Collector;
  • We give a check to the Tax Collector;
  • We pick up our permits.

Past experience being my guide, I estimate that this process will take three weeks, and involve at least two go-rounds of "come back a week from today."

And sadly, until we have that paperwork in our hands, and can read for ourselves what exactly it says, we won't know for sure that it's correct, and that we don't have to dive back into the bureaucratic quagmire to fix it. And so, until we have the final copy, we aren't yet able to set our opening date, and thus can't commit to anyone about employment start-dates, or book events.

So what all this means is that we are maybe only three weeks away from being able to set our opening date. Which is a lot closer than we've been so far!

But please realize that once we set our opening date, it won't be "tomorrow." We'll need quite a few weeks of lead-time in order to hire and train our staff, and arrange our opening with an appropriate splash.

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