17-Oct-2000 (Tue)

Barry: Hello, DNA Lounge.
Some Guy: Hey, uh, are you guys open tonight?
Barry: Did you get this phone number by calling the 1409 number?
Some Guy: Yeah...
Barry: Then you heard the recording that says we're closed for remodeling.
Some Guy: Um... Yeah...
Barry: And so you didn't really need to talk to me, did you?
Some Guy: Um... (sheepishly) I guess not... Bye...

They've started filling in the huge holes in the floor, and will be pouring concrete soon. The carpenters are almost done reinforcing the underside of the balcony, and a huge pile of plywood has arrived, which will soon be the new floor surface upstairs, on the balcony and in the back room. Oh, also the enlargement of the walk-in refrigerator has begun: the back and side walls have been taken off of it, so that all that's left is the door. There are people in here all the time now, carrying things and hitting things and dragging ladders around. I don't know what half of them are doing! It sure seems busy, though.

We've been meeting with people who build and upholster benches and booths, for the seating upstairs; we also wandered around the city looking at chairs, tables, and stools. We haven't decided what we're getting yet. This stuff is expensive! It looks like it comes out to more than $100 per ass. That adds up when you're talking about having a bench running the length of a room.

The plan so far is to have benches along the walls in the back room, with tables and very low stools (ottomans, really) in front of them. On the balcony, there will be booths in the front two corners next to the bar; besides that, it will be low chairs/tables upstairs on the balcony, and tall stools/tables downstairs, so that we can clear them out on really crowded nights.

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