11-Oct-2000 (Wed)

The new toilets are here, the new toilets are here!

Something that perhaps you didn't know about toilets: though porcelain seems like pretty sturdy stuff, in a contest between a conventional toilet, and a conventional beer bottle dropped from shoulder height, the toilet loses. That is, the toilet breaks, not the bottle. That means that clubs are either replacing their toilets all the time, or (like the old DNA) they have cracked toilets swaddled in duct tape. Well, we solved this problem by getting expensive toilets that are utterly indestructible: they're stainless steel prison toilets. Seriously: some of the line items on the feature list were "no crevices for hiding of contraband," and "suicide proof!"

The electricians have installed the transformer: this is the device that turns the three-phase "delta" configuration power that we're getting from the city into a "star" configuration where we can actually use all three of the legs, instead of just two (it converts the one otherwise-mostly-useless leg of 208V into 120V that things can actually run off of. Don't ask me, I still don't understand it.) Anyway, it's this big heavy impressive box full of coils that's now bolted to the wall above the door. They promise me it won't make too much noise, once it's actually plugged in.

We're still trying to decide how to treat the walls in the main room; option 1 is painting them some dark color, e.g., black; option 2, which is a bit more expensive, is sandblasting them back down to the bare concrete and clearcoating them (for graffiti-avoidance.) I think bare concrete would look pretty cool, but I'm worried that the walls will be too light colored: one thing I really don't like is when it's not possible to ever make a club be actually dark. If all the lights are down, and you can still clearly see all the walls, and still know exactly how big the room is, I think that's bad. I want to be able to color the walls with lights sometimes, but I also want to be able to make the place be dark when that's called for. I think that clearcoated concrete will be dark enough (it's the color of wet concrete) but I'm not totally sure yet.

I got email yesterday from the webmaster of the SF Museum saying "thanks for the link; can we have a few jars' worth of your pre-quake rubble for the museum?" How cool is that: now we're an actual archaeological dig!

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