29-Sep-2000 (Fri)

Today and yesterday we had a bunch of guys in here digging up some parts of the concrete floor. Most of the floor doesn't need to be touched, but some trenches need to be dug in it to run water and sewage lines to the new bar, and to cap off the pipes that had been running to the old bar. They brought in a lawnmower-sized circular saw to cut through the concrete, then jackhammered it, then hauled the broken concrete away. I think it's safe to say that this process was quite a bit louder than anything that will be going on here when the club is in operation...

The front stairs are also gone. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with them, except that the concrete beneath them needed to be dug up to pour the concrete footing for the I-beam that will support one side of the new dj booth.

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