20-Sep-2000 (Wed)

The club's been quite the hive of activity lately: one day last week, there were twenty or twenty-five people in here looking around: these folks were contractors and their crew, and were checking the place out in preparation to make an offer on the construction job. We got a bid back today from one of the contractors today, and we're waiting for bids from a few others.

It's, uh, a lot. It's higher than we expected when we started, but it's not as high as we feared it might be.

We've rented a storage unit, and today we hauled all of the refrigerators and sinks and lights and other gear away, to make room for the construction crews to work. Yet somehow the place doesn't really look any emptier.

The webcam was a casualty of this: one of the guys loading the truck tripped over a cable, and the camcorder got intimate with the concrete. We've got a spare, but it's pretty crappy. Time to go shopping, I guess...

Earlier last week, our electrician Phil brought in a very, very fine toy of his own design: the Mark 5 Spudzooka! It's a PVC potato gun with a two stage electrical ignition, fueled by Aqua-Net. This monster can put a whole potato through drywall at 60'. The spud won't penetrate 1/2" plywood, but it does make a pretty good dent in it. Now the club has a distinctly tubery smell about it, and there are 4" holes in some of the walls...

Kids, don't try this at home.

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