28-Jul-2000 (Fri)

Well, the muffler shop next door is going to be office space within the next six months, too. The neighbors will like that. It will be so much quieter!

Earlier today barry got a delivery of his magazines, and the guy on the truck didn't have any way to get them out. "We need a forklift," he said. "I don't have a forklift," Barry retorted. "Well, we need one," the guy said. And stared.

So Barry went next store to the glass block place and borrowed theirs.

Someday soon we will no longer live in a neighborhood where you can borrow a forklift when you need one. Post-it notes? Sure. Pens? Sure.

So, what with the webcam and the music, we might as well have an IRC channel, right? Why not.

Let's use GIMPnet, it's not very crowded. Channel #dnalounge on irc.dnalounge.com port 6667. I always leave IRC running, so if I'm in front of a computer, I'll be on that channel. Stop by and say hi...

Don't know IRC? Start at irchelp.org for an intro, and where to find clients.

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