14-Jul-2000 (Fri)

The structural engineer came by to have a look at the excavation we'd done, and it sounds like there are no nasty surprises. Well, he said that the layout of the support members in the mezzanine floor is pretty half-assed, but it doesn't sound like it's a real problem.

The mechanical engineer also came by and collected some more information so that he can design the plubming and airflow plans. He spent all afternoon walking around and drawing a map of where every water pipe in this place goes. Though we still don't know where the pipes under the floor run. You'd think that at some point there would have been plans for this, but apparently not: the plumbing was put in during an age when one could just dig a trench and drop a pipe in it, without having to spend a year dealing with the city bureaucracy first.

We're mostly done with disassembling the former dj booth, which will eventually be the new men's bathroom. When we took out the drywall on the north side of that room, we uncovered a second sliding fire door. It's twice as wide as the last one we uncovered. We haven't actually gotten it to move yet, so we don't know what part of the pizza shop is on the other side. Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to avoid walling over this door, since there are going to be urinals against this wall... That's too bad, because it's pretty cool looking.

We're getting quoted astronomical prices for installation of the new lights we were planning on buying. For example: I've been in here when there were all kinds of flashing lights going off. You would think (in fact, I do think) that one could just replace a few of those lights with new ones, and add a couple more, and that basically would be that. But we're being told that we have to replace the entire electrical infrastructure supporting those lights, including not reusing any of the existing wiring. Why? This is not at all clear. So my bullshit-meter is redlining again.

The most frequently asked question lately is, "hey, what's that crazy looking scooter on the webcam?" Please address all your scooter-related questions to Barry. I know nothing about scooters. He lives for them.

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