11-Jul-2000 (Tue)

So I say to my friend, "I got to use a jackhammer today!"

She says, "where did you get a jackhammer?"

"We rented it."

"You can just rent those?"

"Yeah, there's no background check, or cooling off period or anything."

"I mean, they don't come with a guy? Or lessons or something?"

"Well, it's pretty self-explanatory: plug it in, hold the handles, squeeze the lever to make it go, and keep your toes away from the pointy end."

We needed to dig through a few spots on the floor to answer some questions our structural engineer had about what the foundation of the building looked like, since he'll need to know that when coming up with the design for the pillars that will hold up the new dj platform.

We also pulled down some of the drywall on the underside of the balcony for the same reason: to see where the support beams are, since that impacts the attachment of the platform. Today we're knocking down the wall of the former dj booth, which will eventually be the new men's bathroom. And by "we" I mean "Brian," the strapping young fellow in the tank top you might have been seeing on the webcam recently. (Wave to the camera, Brian.)

We have a meeting on thursday with the structural engineer. Presumably this meeting will bring us imperceptibly closer to getting plans from him, which our architect can then incorporate into his plans, since he can't start soliciting bids until that happens.

I also wasted some more time fighting with the firewall. You don't even want to know. PC hardware is all such junk, and Linux ipchains is super lame; I'm in the process of giving OpenBSD a try on the firewall box, since everyone tells me that the firewalling software there is worlds better.

People keep asking "what's with the wheelchair?" Well, just before escrow closed, there was about to be a production of Rocky Horror as a stage show at DNA, and they'd been rehearsing here. They left the wheelchair behind; I presume they'll want it back eventually. Meanwhile, I've been learning to do wheelies in it.

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