3-Jul-2000 (Mon)

The webcam is up!

Thanks very much to our friends at Groove Factory and eluminated for making this possible!

The way this works is, one of the machines here at the club runs RealProducer, which digitizes and encodes regular video, then that machine ships one copy of that stream off to the RealServer software running at Groove Factory, which then ships it out to the all the viewers around the world. Since they're letting me piggyback off of their server, I didn't have to shell out a small fortune to Real for my own server license.

You may recall from last week's update that I was fighting with my firewall to make this work; well, I lost. I ended up putting the encoder machine outside of the firewall instead of inside. If you have ever successfully gotten RealProducer and RealServer to talk to each other through a firewall that is doing NAT for the RealProducer machine, please let me know: even after I ensured that all UDP ports on the producer machine were reachable, it still wouldn't work.

(Real's tech support was especially helpful: "try running the Linux RealProducer 7.0 instead of 6.0." I pointed out that they had never released a Linux version of 7.0, only 6.0 and 8.0 beta, neither of which work. "Oh. Firewalls are hard. We don't understand firewalls. Try putting it outside the firewall.")

Our second VA Linux machine arrived, so I spent little while setting that up. Once I put one more disk in it, I'll haul it down to our ISP's colocation facility, where it will function as our Icecast server.

Not much else happened this week; we met with the mechanical engineer, who is going to get back to us soon with specifications for the ventilation system (ductwork) that our architect can then incorporate into the plans. Barry's been in deadline-mode getting the latest issue of his magazine together, so I haven't seen much of him lately.

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