9-May-2000 (Tue)

I pulled down some plywood covering a section of one of our fine concrete walls, and underneath it is an ancient metal fire door: the kind that hangs from wheels on a track, and slides sideways to open. It's covered with bolts and looks like it's built to contain an explosion.

And they just walled over this beautiful mechanism! Savages!

I spent a while scraping paint off and removing restraining bolts, but I haven't been able to move the door more than a few inches yet. I think I need a rope. I'm guessing that this door opens onto the back of the ovens at the pizza place next door (but I can feel cold air coming through the crack, which is odd.) Some time ago, we had talked with Michael from Za about maybe opening a window between our businesses so that he could sell pizza into our space, and this might make that really easy...

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