22-Mar-2000 (Wed)

The bank let up on the attitude, they'll give us a card.

I've spent the last four days playing cable monkey. There are miles of unused wiring in the rafters of the club, and it's all coming down, because I'll never have a chance to do this again once I start putting up my own wiring, and I don't want this old crap up there confusing matters. It was quite a mess: one bar had four separate phone lines going to it, three cut at one end, the other cut elsewhere. So I instituted a scorched-earth policy on wiring: if it's not an active phone line, it comes down. (Oops, now the doorbell doesn't work. Ok, I'll put that one back.)

I've discovered spaces that have never been dusted, ever. The area on top of coat check, for example: when I ripped cables out of there, they popped up out of a troth of dust that must have been four inches deep. The gray cloud hung in the air for an hour.

Hey kids, what's the one thing you don't want to see when snipping through decade-old wire? That's right: sparks! Apparently at some point there were three or four separate buzzer networks in this place: press a button one place, a buzzer goes off elsewhere. None of the buttons or bells are connected, and from the layers of paint, I'd guess this has been the case for a long time. But of course, all the lines were still hot. Yay.

Well, after a lot of confusion, we finally got the right telco people to show up and do their magic, so now we have a network in the club; our mail server is on site now, instead of sitting on my home network.

They finally started knocking down Eleven, the restaurant across the street that burned down some time last year (it's going to be... wait for it... lofts.) Eleven had these really cool statues on the front of the building, and I'd been meaning to try and figure out who to talk to to get them to give them to me. So when I noticed that the front wall, and thus the statues, was no longer there, I went over and asked the foreman what happened to them.

"Uh, you're like the fourth person who asked about those. I think they broke when we pulled the wall down."

I'm aghast. Bunch of savages in this town.

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