17-Mar-2000 (Fri)

I called PG&E to finish transferring the service into my name. The woman who answered asked me, "is the service on right now?" When I answered yes, she said, "oh good, because it was scheduled to be disconnected some time today." Whaaat? So we caught that just in time... It sounds like they're probably going to make me put down a couple months deposit on the service, since I haven't had a business account before, and having paid your residential service on time for a decade apparently counts for nothing.

Likewise, the bank is giving us attitude about getting a credit card! "We require five years of credit history, and your company is only a year old." The fact that I've got a stainless credit history, and that I've been using that bank forever also counts for nothing. This sucks, because if they refuse us a credit card, I'm going to be forced to close my personal accounts there too, as a matter of moral imperative. Which will be oh-so-convenient.

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