14-Mar-2000 (Tue)

The dumpster arrived today. Let me tell you something else we've learned about dumpsters: when they tell you they're delivering a "20 yard dumpster" they mean cubic yards. a 20 yard dumpster is not 60 feet long, it's 15 feet long and 5 feet high.

So Peewee the Dumpster arrived, and we pitched as much of the crap as we could into it. It held a lot more than we expected: basically everything except the couches and chairs, and about half of the rotting lumber. CJ found someone with a big truck who we paid to haul the toxic furniture of it off to the dump, so that worked out.

While we were loading up, a girl came out from the pizza shop next door and worriedly asked, "you're not turning this place into lofts too, are you?"

I finally went over to the Dark Side: I got a cell phone. Just shoot me now.

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