13-Mar-2000 (Mon)

We had new carpet installed in the offices today, yay! Now there is one clean place in this building. We have established a beach head from which to launch the invasion.

Sadly, this carpet is thicker than the last carpet, and now the doors are really hard to move. I guess we need to borrow a planer from someone...

We met with our architect again to go over some possible floor plans; we're still waiting to get some answers back from the fire department about what they're going to require us to do when we remodel. I've been working on a bunch of different floor plans, but once we get some answers, I'll be able to throw half of them out and actually nail down the path we're going to take.

Aaaahhh, bureaucracy.

Note to self: pour out one glass of Coke just after turning on the CO2 tank that drives the drink gun. That first cup is flat, nasty stuff that was in the tube, or something.

I disassembled and scrubbed down the two desks we're going to keep, and moved them back into the office. I was only slightly surprised to find that the only cleaning products in this place were the bottles of hand soap that I bought on friday. So that's what I used.

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