12-Mar-2000 (Sun)

Barry and I came down at around two, and Cory showed up a bit later to finish painting. Later Da5id, Danfuzz, Ian, and Kahren came by, and we managed to haul down almost all of the garbage! Now every room in the place is devoid of trash. We moved all the garbage to the left side of the dance floor, and it took up about a third of the room.

We left it on the first floor because we haven't yet rented a dumpster. Why not wait for the dumpster and then do this? Well, here's the interesting thing we've learned about dumpsters:

You need a permit to park one on the street.

But if you only keep it overnight, the City really doesn't care, so nobody bothers getting a permit if they only intend to have it for less than a day.

However, it turns out that it's not practical to keep them longer than overnight anyway, because apparently the city is full of marauding bands of carpet installers who drive around looking for dumpsters to dump their old carpets in. So if you have a dumpster for more than a day, it will fill up with carpet.

How fucked up is that?

Jeremy says: "Gee, the last time I installed carpet, I dumped the leftovers into a dumpster on the Stanford campus. I guess I was behaving more professionally than I thought at the time."

So we got rid of all the couches, and in fact just about everything porous. Man, those couches were skanky. Aside from the thought of the decades of beer and vomit that they must have absorbed, you're not supposed to have anything made of non-fireproof cloth in a club, and there's no way these thrift-shop rejects were made of anything special...

The whole process was completely disgusting (especially sweeping out the various hidden storage alcoves... shudder). But throwing the couches off the balcony was intensely satisfying. Words cannot describe.


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