7-Mar-2000 (Tue)

Today Susan and I started cleaning out the club's office. The place is a sty! By "clean" I mean we threw away the obvious crap, and moved all of the paperwork and other things worth keeping into the dj booth temporarily. Once we've done this, we can replace the carpet and paint the walls, and make the office be suitable for human habitation on a daily basis.

We didn't find any real treasures in here, except for an autographed Garbage album, and a pile of snapshots featuring the previous owners posing with, uh, strippers and/or prostitutes.

The carpet is dark gray. My guess is that it was not originally dark gray, but was light beige when it was installed. I think the gray is from 25 years of cockroach shit being trampled into it.

There is a PBX (phone switch) in here, but I'm not sure if it's hooked up. I picked up the phone and took off the little plastic legs, to see what kind of jacks it had, and a bunch of live roaches fell on me.

I dropped the phone into the trash.

I'm told that roaches like living inside of electronic equipment: apparently the radiation has become a part of their reproductive cycle or something. I threw the fax machine away too, without looking at it too hard.

Call me a nut, call me a crazy dreamer, but before we open, I want to have this place clean enough that I can come in at noon, put an unwrapped sandwich down on the bar, come back two hours later, and take a bite without having a shuddering case of the willies.

I keep scrubbing and scrubbing, and still I can't get the bacteria off.

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