1488 Harrison St #105
San Francisco, CA 94103
June 8, 2007
Ross Glen
71 Stevenson St, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94105
Mr. Glen:

I have learned that my neighbor, DNA Lounge, is in the process of applying for a change in their liquor license. This change is to coincide with a planned change in their format to live music, and would result in the ability of those under 21 to attend these shows - something that seems typical for that type of venue.

As their closest neighbor (by distance), any change to their operation interests me, as well as other residents in this building. Fortunately, for the six years I have lived next door to them, DNA has consistently been an excellent neighbor, and I have come to know most of the people that work within the facility. Regardless of the size of crowds any of their events attract, they have consistently maintained control and have done so in both a professional and positive manner. As a board member of our building's home owners association, I frequently solicit additional feedback from fellow neighbors, and it appears others share my feelings.

Certainly, Eleventh Street has had a fair number of problems during the time I have lived here. To my knowledge, every problem was alcohol-related. The club on the street appearing most immune to these problems is Slim's, a club with the same liquor license that DNA is requesting. Honestly, if this change brings about more "kids" like the ones that attend that venue, most everyone would support it. They are some of most respectful, kind, and well-mannered patrons of any group that comes to this street. I anticipate this change actually decreasing any potential problems, not the other way around.

I am confident DNA will make this transition in the same manner they have always conducted themselves: thoughtful, intelligent, and considerate. They have my full support.

President, Pace-Soft, Inc.
(and DNA Lounge neighbor)