Behind the Scenes

An overview of the club's physical layout and major features.

Sound System & Lighting and Video Systems
A more detailed specification of all of the audio-visual systems installed in the club.

In the Press
A collection of links to articles written about DNA Lounge specifically, and entertainment-related politics in San Francisco in general.

The Blog
A blog of approximately-weekly updates of all the behind-the-scenes machinations that make this club go. It started in March, 2000!

Legal Defense Fund
"A Disorderly House Injurious to the Public Welfare and Morals!" The ABC spent most of 2009 trying to put us out of business because their undercover agents saw "lewd behavior" at an over-21 gay event. They failed, but our legal expenses were enormous! Won't you please contribute to our Legal Defense Fund?

Permits and Lawyers
Here you will find information on all of the permits that one needs to legally operate a nightclub in San Francisco, as well as information on how to operate an audio webcast legally.

Source Code
Since we're running a rather high-tech club here, we've written a bunch of free software to keep it all running. All of it is available here.