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Here's some music I like a lot. Last year some time, I burned a few of you a CD with this stuff on it as an example of the kind of "crossover" music I had in mind: I think all of this stuff straddles the line between industrial and lowercase-t techno, some more than others.

Cubanate Body Burn (D-Code Club Mix)
C-Tec Foetal
Pain Station Domination V.3
Cubanate Isolation
Evulva Dive
Hanzel und Gretyl Trance Planet Vortex
Bile The Phantom God
ClockDVA NYC Overload
Ministry Where You At Now? + Crash and Burn + Twitch (Version II)
Front 242 Happiness (More Angels)
Curve Chinese Burn (Lunatic Calm Remix)
Fluke Atombomb (Atomix 1)
Bile Rubber Love
Front 242 Neurobashing
Cranes Clear (Ultra Slim Fast mix)
Nine Inch Nails Wish (Foetus Remix)
Snake River Conspiracy Vulcan
Pop Will Eat Itself Ich Bin Ein Auslander (fun-da-mental mix)
Halou Feeling This is Like to Fall Awake

By the way, I know Jason can't stand Cubanate for some reason, but I have to say: back before we started CODE, when I was out at goth clubs with a few drinks in me ranting about how much the music sucked, I used to often end up saying, "I mean why isn't there a club where I can hear someone mixing between Cubanate and Panacea? Why is one of those bands industrial and the other techno?"

But I also think Nitzer Ebb's Murderous and the Public Enemy/ Anthrax version of Bring the Noise share a certain (what the French call) "I do not know what."

Since we were talking about breaks/electro, and the "funky" versus "dark" issue, here's some stuff from my collection that I think is great, and is probably called breaks and/or electro, and yet has pretty much zero in the way of "booty". Though some of it has a certain funkiness, I hear no disco (equals house) in this music.

I mean, to me, "electro" means "new wave" more than anything else. In my terminological ignorance, I so would have picked "new wave" to describe Cybrid before I would have picked "electro". (You know, "Liquid Sky".)

Adult    Contagious
Felix Da Housecat Silver Screen Shower Scene
E-Sassin The Enemy
This is one of my favorite songs ever.
More like this! This whole comp is great.
Decoder Roadrage
Emergency Broadcast Network Get Down Ver. 2.2
The Future Sound of London We Have Explosive
Scar Tissue Powerclone
Autechre Second Bad Vilbel
Cabaret Voltaire Sleepwalking
Non-Aggression Pact God of Machine Logic
Skinny Puppy Dig It
Played to death, I know, but included because, in all honesty, this one song is why I like drum+bass: this was the seed.