:CODE is over! Thanks, everyone, for coming out and supporting us!
Check for :CODETV updates!

:CODE won San Francisco Examiner's 2003 Best of the Bay Editor's Choice Award:
Best Place to See an Electronic Duo Score 'My Dinner with Andre'!

:CODE's farewell night was August 28th, 2003! :CODE residents Shank, Amber, Praxis and the orangeAge and Sleeveless crews ended the series that has brought out and put on stage San Francisco's most unique live electronic music. Thanks to everyone at DNA Lounge and the hundreds of performers who have joined us to make :CODE such a special series.

The television show :CODE will live on, taping at clubs and events around the San Francisco Bay Area.
Write to for show details or to inquire about sponsorship.

Past Events:


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"...:CODE version 2.0... Thursdays haven't tasted this good in a long time." - SF Examiner, The Mix

"...CODE's a good party, and the night we saw experimental duo Idiom Creak perform was no exception. What was exceptional was watching kids get down to their bizarro breaks while the two scored epochal indie film My Dinner with Andre on the fly." - SF Examiner, Best of the Bay 2003

With two rooms of music, live electronic acts (live PA), and special events and giveaways, :CODE is a great place to meet up with friends and have a unique experience. For just $5 (and free before 10pm) you'll see premier, released artists performing their original music live, and get even more music from orangeAge and Sleeveless in the lounge.

Resident performers Shank (aka Shane), Amber and Praxis continue the :CODE tradition (started in July 2001 as n:CODE and d:CODE) of providing the most musical bang for the buck in the SF Bay Area!


Lounge hosted by:

·· DJ Shank
·· Amber
·· Praxis

·· orangeAge    2nd Thursdays
·· Sleeveless    4th Thursdays

If you would like more information on the continuing :CODEtv public access television show, or are interested in having a taping of the show at your club, please send an email to:

:CODE @ DNA Lounge
2nd and 4th Thursdays, each month!
21+ w/ID, free < 10pm; $5 after...
375 Eleventh Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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