5-Aug-2014 (Tue)
Wherein Justin.TV shuts down with zero notice.

You know, if they had given us any notice at all, we could have migrated to a new service without downtime, but no, that's not how it's done these days, so they announced that they were shutting down and then shut down on the same day. Assholes.

I guess I should have guessed this was coming when, a couple months ago, they announced that they were jettisoning their video archives, but when they did that at least they gave a week's notice.

Oh, and they're shutting down because they figured out you could make money by letting people post only videos of video-game speed-runs. Double-you tee fuck?

Anyway, I've migrated our webcasts over to Streamup, which is the only one of the live-video services I've come across that won't spam you all with video ads. Let me know how it works, ok?

I keep meaning to look in to the Youtube live streaming interface, but the last time I looked at it, a year or two ago, it was completely incomprehensible and I couldn't even figure out whether it's possible to do what we need with it. If you have used it, let me know what your experience was like. (E.g., can I pump FMLE into it 24/7 and get an embed?)

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  1. phessler says:

    neat, it works with html5 in chrome.

  2. Chris Davies says:

    Yes, you can do what you want with streaming to youtube. The best way to test it out is to use the web interface to streaming on your channel itself. It's under "video manager" -> "live events" That'll spit out an RTMP URL you can paste in to your streaming pipeline without you having to bother writing a script to get it through the API.

    One caveat though, I've tested this with open broadcaster only. It seems a little, er, finiky about what encoding settings it'll accept and not very verbose when telling you why it isn't actually putting your video live. I'd guess this is just a one time get the settings right thing though.

    • Chris Davies says:

      Hrm, a thing that occurs to me though. You know that youtube runs their braindead content ID stuff on livestreams, right? If any of the music you run is registered with that at all, your livestream will just be instantly terminated and no amount of "hey, this is properly licensed, you fucks!" will get it back.

      I don't know how badly that would effect you, but I'm not sure you'd really want to find out with your official channel. Maybe if you're testing streaming, set up a new account to do the tests on?

  3. J Scott says:

    "They didn't shut down, they pivoted."
    "I don't understand your definition of pivot. Mind using it in a sentence?"
    "I bit into the leather ball gag like a Civil War soldier getting his arm sawed off as Justin struck prostate pay dirt with a skillful pivot of his hips."
    "Thanks! That clears things up."

  4. chris says:

    Heh, When I heard this dnalounge webcasts were the first thing I thought of

  5. Mike says:

    "You know, if they had given us any notice at all, we could have migrated to a new service without downtime, but no, that's not how it's done these days, so they announced that they were shutting down and then shut down on the same day. Assholes."

    I'm sure we've both known plenty of companies that have gone out of business that handled their shutdown with more class. I've been developing web apps since the mid-1990s, and this was the jerkiest move I've ever seen. The thing is, there were whole communities built up around several of those JTV channels, and they didn't even get notice so that they could make arrangements to stay in touch. JTV/Twitch proved themselves to be a bunch of arrogant amateurs.

    • jwz says:

      They didn't even have the excuse of "going out of business!" The lights stayed on the whole time. They just changed their business model to chase a different market.

      • Mike says:

        I know, I was just so angry that I wasn't clear. Sorry. I meant to compare them to businesses that at least had the excuse of going out of business, but still handled it with much more class. I know these jerks just "pivoted" shudder.

  6. Frank says:

    Sorry to be making this suggestion so late in the game, but have you looked at Livestream?

    They have multiple different plans and at least one or two of them claim to offer free streaming with no adverts.

    And they have a telephone number posted on their Web site, so perhaps you could speak to them in advance of signing up for any test and thereby determine beforehand whether they meet your needs on a technical level.

    Best of luck with this!

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